Crochet Fashion Week

February 11th and 12th 2023 Just one month ago today I had the opportunity to meet in person all of the fellow designers and models for the First Ever Crochet Fashion Week! Crochet Fashion Week took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and it was a fantastic event for crochet enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. As aContinue reading “Crochet Fashion Week”

Corrie Poncho

Featured in the Spring 2022 Crochet Foundry Magazine The Designers featured in this issue are: Anastasia Smith Erin Ellis Michelle Moore Amanda Corvello Michelle Ferguson Julie Desjardins Victoria Barrett Leanna Haughian Michelle Muskett Moon Eldridge Jessica Herr Briana Kepner Crystal Bucholz Every Pattern in the Crochet Foundry Magazine is Size inclusive. This means that forContinue reading “Corrie Poncho”

Dede Cardigan

Check out the Pattern Adult and Kids sized Pattern PDFs on Ravelry After designing the Delilah Cardigan I shortly realized how much I loved the texture and pattern of the stitch. So why not make it into a Hooded Cardigan with lots of customization options, know as the Dede Cardigan. This is a great beginnerContinue reading “Dede Cardigan”

Who Is Behind Crafty Bones?

Crafty Bones? What does that even mean? Well I am Crafty Bones, my name is Leanna Haughian and I am the maker behind everything you see here. Why did I name my company this? Well I wanted Crafty to be in my business name. Because one of my only nicknames growing up was Bones. WhyContinue reading “Who Is Behind Crafty Bones?”