Who Is Behind Crafty Bones?

Crafty Bones? What does that even mean?

Well I am Crafty Bones, my name is Leanna Haughian and I am the maker behind everything you see here.


Why did I name my company this?

  • Well I wanted Crafty to be in my business name.
  • Because one of my only nicknames growing up was Bones.

Why did i want to have crafty in the business name? It is way more than just crochet and patterns. I have a true love for making and learning new tasks. I have a huge floor loom in my crafty room at home, I will try pretty much any project or type of craft at least once. I also involve my boys in as much as I can when it comes to creativity and having the opportunity for them to explore their own experiences with crafting.


Why did I want to have Bones in my business name? Growing up my grandfather, we called him Papa, would call me Leanna Bones. This ended up being really the only nickname i have ever really had, and from what i remember he is the only one who would call me Bones. When I think of myself as Bones it brings a smile to my face and the joy I want to bring to all my work. So to me it was so fitting to have it as part of my business name.


A Little bit more!

For those of you that dont know me personally here is a bit more about myself.


I am a wife to my very supportive husband Brendan and we have three wonderful boys. We live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

I am a red seal hairstylist who has become a work at home mom since having our oldest son back in 2015. I have turned my focus onto fibre arts ats first because I wanted to make cute things for myself and my kiddos. Crocheting, knitting and sewing is very represented by both mine and my husbands family members so I have been around it my whole life in one way or another. Slowly I started to realize how much I enjoyed having the time to make up a pattern or crochet an item. It is something I can do when I have time or when the kids have gone to bed for the evening. And this is where I am now. Starting the journey of sharing all of this with you all.

  • I decided to start blogging to be able to reach more people with my stories and patterns
  • I will have everything from my crochet patterns, to DIY tips for the household, to what works best with 3 boys in your house
  • I hope to be able to help you all want to reach for a crochet hook and start to learn, or try a weaving course
  • I want to help rekindle your lost love for the fiber arts if you have lost that passion.

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